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Self Tan Mousse - Deep Dark, 200ml

Spray Aus

Life’s just better with colour. So we added more of it.

The deeper, darker self tan mousse gives you a rich bronze in as soon as an hour. The nourishing formula adapts to each skin tone for a natural, streak-free look.

Perfectly infused plant and fruit oils soothe the skin for a deep colour and intense hydration every time. 

Skin is left hydrated from the rich combination of natural fruits, plants, oils and extracts. Infusion of Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Kakadu Plum makes our formula nourishing and longer-lasting.

Vegan friendly. PEG and Paraben free.  

How to apply

For a deep bronze, apply to clean, exfoliated skin. Pump mousse onto Application Glove and glide onto skin in circular motions, working in sections.

Use sparingly on elbows, knees and ankles. Wait a few minutes before putting on clothes.

Do not shower for at least 1 hour after applying this product. Refer to colour chart for recommended rinse times.

Cosmetic bronzers will wash away during your first rinse and full DHA results develop within 18―24 hours.

Moisturise twice a day to optimise the life of your tan.

Results should last around 7 days. 

To enhance your tan and make it last longer moisturise with our Spray Aus Tan Extender. Boosted with antioxidants and nutrients, Deep Dark Rapid soothes and strengthens skin.

1-2 HRS = MED DARK  |  2-4 HRS = DARK  |  4-6 HRS = DEEP DARK

Exceeding the recommended time frame could result in the tan over processing.