By Charlotte

Calm Crystal Ring Stand - Aventurine Crystal

Designed to fit all By Charlotte rings, your Calm Crystal will imbue your jewels with a soothing and calming energy. Aventurine, often known as the “Dream Stone”, creates calmness, harmony and healing through powerful vibrations, bringing you into a relaxed dream-like state of being.

Deeply connected to Mother Earth and the heart chakra, calming Aventurine soothes the heart and soul, drawing on the abundance of nature around us to support harmonious connections with divine love.

Cleanse your crystal once a month by sitting it in the sun to burn off old energies and to re-energise and fill with vibrancy and light.

Each stand is made out of natural Aventurine, so slight variations in colour and shape will occur.

  • Stand height: 5.2cm approx.
  • Base is approx. 2.5cm thick.
  • Aventurine stone.