Summi Summi

Oversized LS Shirt - Graffiti Butterfly Khaki

Summi Summi

Embrace your playful side in our gender neutral Graffiti Butterfly Oversized Shirt. This bold print encourages you to live in the moment and make each day count. Comfortable and stylish, it's the perfect staple for any wardrobe. No time like the present (literally)!

The Graffiti Butterfly Print

We wanted this collection to radiate elevated vibes and feature the magical elements of nature such as the butterfly. Inspired by a trip to Europe where the street art was oozing and looking to create something unique and gender neutral, the graffiti print featuring our Summi butterfly was born! 

Product care: cold gentle wash only to avoid shrinkage of natural fibres.

If shrinkage occurs use an iron to stretch fabric back to place.

Fabrication: linen/ rayon blend