Babe Australia

LOVE LETTER Luxury Soy Candle 300g

Exotic. Lusty. Reassuring.

LOVE LETTER is born from the heart space, a sensual concoction of flowers, herbs, woods and citrus this scent is a balance of fresh and florals, without too much sweetness. LOVE LETTER features stunning Cashmere musk and violet leaf that will make you weak at the knees.

Burn LOVE LETTER when you want to set a confident, comforting mood. This scent is perfect for gifting to someone that just gets you.


Top: Bergamot + violet leaf – citrus, powder

Heart: Fir needle + floral – crisp, herbal

Base: Cashmere Musk – comforting, cosy, soft

All Babe candles are made with the finest quality essential oils, essences and fragrances which throw a superior quality scent when lit or not.