Cote De Azure - Choc Tort

Vieux Sunglasses 



Simplicity and boredom need not meet. To dig deeply into ones art, to find its principal nature is the mark of genius. Distill each element near to perfection, very little more should remain.


Hard density Cellulose Acetate / Titanium

Mixed metal & acetate construction

Custom VX signature inlaid temple tips

Delicate stamped coin textured lens rim

Laser etched frame number

Corrugated arm texture

Custom ink-filled arm detail

Premium COMOTEC Italian engineered hinges

Rubber-dipped German OBE screws

Custom VX capped hinge detail


Material: Japanese CR39

Coating: Anti-reflective & Rock hard

Custom Lens Etch: Yes

UV Protection: 100% UVA/B

Lens Width: 54 mm

Bridge Width: 23 mm

Temple Length: 140 mm

Each piece is hand crafted to collectible quality, individually numbered and never repeated. There are never more than 100 frames created in each colour, all supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity to validate its existence. The merit in adhering to a promise to never repeat any style once it has sold out stems from the profound respect for the sanctity of originality and the quest for constant innovation. This commitment is a bold statement, an affirmation of the brand's dedication to creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are as individual as the people who come to possess them.

There is a guilty pleasure in wearing a limited piece. That feeling of traipsing into a roped area whilst others wait outside. Our directors share an affection for the past, whilst romanticised there is something to be said of a time where even mundane objects had meaning. Heirlooms. In essence, the promise to never repeat a style once it has sold out is a powerful embodiment of exclusivity, innovation, and commitment to artistic integrity. It elevates each frame from mere commodities to timeless piece of art, each carrying a piece of the creator's soul and a story that is uniquely its own.